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Radical Innovation

Tokea is focused on redefining every aspect of business analytics to make it easy for anyone to discover business insights.

Instant Impact

Get up and running instantly, so you can discover answers on the fly & deliver ROI in just weeks or months.

Customer Success

When it comes to your success, no other BI provider can match Tokea’s focus & commitment.

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Instant Analytics
for All Your Data,
No Matter How Complex

You have seriously large data coming from many different sources, and you can’t get the answers you need. That’s why Tokea’s data analytics tools is built to help business users take complex data and instantly create insights that drive your entire business.

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Tokea Labs is creating solutions that predict how people will consume data in the next five years.

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Obsessive About Your Success

Obsession with customer success is part of our DNA. We take every measure to ensure you get true business value from Tokea’s BI tools. That’s why tens of thousands of users worldwide rely upon Tokea for business insights.